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Brand Center

Here you’ll find all the information you need about our logo, our corporate typeface and the colors we use. Pictures for editorial publications about G DATA can also be downloaded under this link.

Contact details:

G DATA CyberDefense AG • G DATA Campus • Königsallee 178 • D-44799 Bochum • E-Mail: presse@remove-this.gdata.de

Kathrin Beckert-Plewka
Public Relations Manager
Phone: +49 234 9762-507
E-Mail: Kathrin.Beckert@remove-this.gdata.de

Hauke Gierow
Press spokesperson
Phone: +49 234 9762-665
E-Mail: Hauke.Gierow@gdata.de

Vera Haake
Spokesperson for event and location communication
Phone: +49 234 9762-376
E-Mail: Vera.Haake@remove-this.gdata.de

Stefan Karpenstein
Public Relations Manager
Phone: +49 234 9762-517
E-Mail: Stefan.Karpenstein@remove-this.gdata.de