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Client Security

Endpoint Protection

Antivirus con tecnologia ibrida CloseGap
Test comportamentale BEAST 
Protezione degli exploit 
Protezione per la navigazione e il phishing basata sul cloud
Tecnologia AI DeepRay® 
Protezione contro i dispositivi USB manipolati
Protezione della posta elettronica per Microsoft Outlook


Gestione centrale e facile tramite una sola console 
Visualizza l'interfaccia nel webinar
Directory software e hardware
Amministrazione semplice (a distanza) con eredità delle linee guida
Implementazione possibile anche su server non dedicati
Collegamento Active Directory
Capacità multiclient
Light Agent per macchine virtuali 
Patch Management

Policy Management

Controllo dell'utilizzo di Internet e dei contenuti web
Controllo dispositivi
Controllo dell'applicazione tramite blacklist o whitelist

Dispositivi mobili

Protezione in tempo reale per dispositivi Android e iOS
Navigare in sicurezza
Protezione antifurto
Filtro per app, contatti e chiamate

Protezione speciale per i server

Samba File Server Security
Exchange Mail Security
Linux Mail Security
Linux Web Security Gateway

G DATA Antivirus

Simply secure, easy to manage: the basic protection with next-generation technologies reliably secures all endpoints on your network. The management console gives you an overview at all times.

G DATA Client Security

You want even more comfort? Anti-Spam prevents your employees from being burdened by bulk e-mails. In addition, a client firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing connections.

G DATA Endpoint Protection Business

Your all-included, worry-free service package for maximum protection. Policy management is included on top of the Anti-Spam and firewall services: easily enforce your compliance policies with application controls and more.

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Available as a Managed Service

Outsource your IT security and benefit from the advantages of our Endpoint Protection. Your G DATA partner will take over all respective tasks for you – from rolling out the antivirus software to configuring the firewall. On-premise or in the cloud as required.

Benefits of Managed Endpoint Security

G DATA Mobile Device Management

Protect Android and iOS Devices

Mobile Device Management (MDM) from G DATA helps you to implement your company’s BYOD strategy consistently. iOS and Android devices are managed like all other clients via the central dashboard.

What is possible with MDM:

  • Protect mobile devices against viruses
  • Safe surfing on your smartphone or tablet
  • Assign individual rights
  • Locate your device in case of loss
  • Delete sensitive data remotely
Security for the Entire Network

Security for the Entire Network

Don’t just filter out malware at the endpoint – filter it out upstream at the server or gateway level. All network traffic that passes through mail and proxy servers can be checked there. This ensures that even those endpoints where no antivirus software is installed are protected against new threats and dangers from the Internet.

Close all Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in the operating system and in installed programs are among the most common attack points for cybercriminals. With the additional Patch Management module, you can easily ensure that all clients in the company always use the latest software versions.

  • Manage and distribute software patches centrally from one location
  • Check new patches for compatibility in a test environment first
  • See all currently available patches from Microsoft, Adobe, and so on at a glance

Define Rules with the Policy Manager

 Application control

Reduce the scope for a malware attack by restricting its executability to specific applications or vendors.

 Device control

USB sticks, CD/DVD drives, and webcams – decide for yourself which user groups are allowed to access what.

 Web content control

Define at endpoint level which pages your employees can surf on based on category. This is particularly useful for devices that leave the company network, since then the rules you have defined via the proxy or a firewall will no longer apply.

Case Study: G DATA Software in utilizzo

VfL Bochum relies on G DATA.

Soccer and IT security

Member management, ticket sales, fan shop - the IT infrastructure at VfL Bochum 1848 binds everything together. Hence a security solution needs to be flexible and be set up differently for the individual areas. G DATA Endpoint Protection including Patch Management and Premium Support meets exactly these requirements.

  • See a case study on Endpoint Protection Business

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Security Awareness Trainings

Make your employees the strongest defense

Our online trainings sensitize your employees for IT security topics and equip them with recommendations for action in case of emergency.

  •  Reduce risk through incorrect behaviour of your employees
  •  Online training when and where you want
  •  Maßgeschneiderter Kursplan


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